Troving Reporter: Geek Out

We love geeks — let’s just put that out there. We’re a bunch of word nerds who sit in a room full of Web developers. So it’s with genuine affection that we make this observation: you folks sure do like geeky things.

The most-viewed channel over the past 24 hours was our Space Exploration channel — no surprise since the shuttle Endeavour is on a much-publicized mission.

But that’s not the only popular channel whose topic could’ve elicited playground taunts, from the politically wonky to the science-nerdish. Nudge your glasses up your nose and straighten your pocket protector for the rest of this list.

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Photo by NASA via Getty Images

There’s not much to add to the mission of the llama font website.

You type in a box, and the letters turn into… llamas.

Why? Creators Avery Oldfield and Jack Inscoe answer: “Why would anyone want to write something in llamas?

Because llamas make everything better.”

Do you agree? Check out Trove’s Typography and Zoos channels for more.