Troving Reporter: More Forgotten Channels

From cities to schools to companies to sports teams large and small, Trove’s editor-curated channels span a wide range of topics. So wide, in fact, that it’s tough to know what wonders sit on the site, waiting for you to discover them.

Wait no longer. For a dozen of them at least.

Below are just some of the channels that deserve some attention, but haven’t quite gotten it yet. Maybe they fit your interests?

(Are there channels we should add to Trove? What do you think about the channels we’ve got? Let us know.)

» Amy Poehler: Have you heard the “Parks and Recreation” actress’ address from Harvard’s Class Day? You should add this channel based on that alone.

» Boeing: Good news and bad news for the aerospace giant — production is expected to rise, but a House panel is investigating a labor complaint.

» Fish: From how to catch them to where to eat them — and news on a U.S. city where buying goldfish could soon be illegal.

» Dubai: The fast-growing city in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates is facing, surprisingly, a fuel shortage.

» Florida Marlins: The bad-luck baseball team could use a shot in the arm. Maybe adding their channel will boost their spirits?

» Herman Cain: The businessman-turned-GOP presidential candidate turned heads with his debate performance — and he’s one of the most-searched-for 2012 contenders, Yahoo says.

» Landscape Architecture: Speaking of parks and recreation, this channel details how green spaces, public and private, are made.

» Plastic: From recycling to manufacturing, all about the omnipresent substance.

» Pentagon Papers: They were just declassified. Is there anything new to be learned from them?

» Sex Education: The curriculum and the debate, all in one place.

» The Book of Mormon: The Trey Parker/Matt Stone play has taken home a slew of Tonys. What’s next?

» Zoos: The best place to find stories and pictures about baby animals. And the non-baby ones, too.