Movies This Weekend: Goodbye, Superheroes

If you’re more interested in golden statuettes than gallant superheroes, you can come out of hiding and back into the movie theaters – the season of summer blockbusters is over.


This weekend, a whole slew of highly anticipated films are premiering:

* “The Ides of March”: An “impeccably acted and grippingly paced” political thriller that revolves around a young campaign press secretary’s involvement in a political scandal that threatens to upend his candidate’s shot at the presidency.

* “Real Steel”: The film about boxing robots defies expectations, “proving it doesn’t matter what the genre is if genuinely talented and dedicated people are pulling the strings instead of hacks.”

* “Intruders”: The parallel stories about two families whose lives have been upended by disturbing apparitions is a psychological thriller that’s “creepy and atmospheric… well written and stylishly directed.”

If politics, robots, and ghosts aren’t what you’re looking for this weekend, don’t worry: “Dirty Girl,” “The Way,” “The Human Centipede II,” “Toast,” “Blackthorn,” and even more movies are popping up on screens nationwide.

Say goodbye to crime-fighting spandex – Oscar season is just around the corner.

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All images from films’ official sites.