Troving Reporter: None of the Above

One of the main elements on Trove’s home page is the Channel Finder, a module programmed by our editors that serves up new and (we hope) interesting channels for you, the reading audience.

The module dispenses channels in pairs, with options to add one, both or none of what’s available. The most common answer, of course, is “neither.” That’s no surprise; if I had to pick between Caving and Needlecraft, I might take a pass, too. I have some nichey hobbies, but those aren’t on the list.

But who says only the most popular channels should get all the attention? Needlecraft could be your needle in a haystack, right?

So here for your enjoyment (and potential channel-adding pleasure?) are some of the most-neithered channel pairs of the past two weeks. They’ve dealt with some rejection, but we still love them:

» Jersey Shore and Beach Volleyball
» Cam Newton and Carolina Panthers
» David Bowie and Mars Exploration
» Frugal Travel and High-Speed Rail
» Human Rights and Human Genome
» NFL Draft and Beer
» Zombies and Vampires

Photo by Reuters