Must See TV Apps

It’s tough to get away with not paying for cable when all you really want to do is lounge in front of the TV and watch the season finale of “True Blood.” But things are changing: some new TV network apps give you free reign to watch what you want when you want to — although you may have to log in with the dreaded cable provider.

A bevy of new (and recently updated) iPad apps let you focus in on your personal must-see TV. Here’s a rundown of what’s available:

» TNT has the newest app which, according to electronista, provides access to all its movies and shows, and integrates social media like Twitter and Facebook.

» In July, HBO updated its HBO GO app. If you have HBO service, you can now stream over 1,400 shows pretty much anywhere. AppSafari thinks HBO “knocked it out of the park” with the app.

» With the 2012 election frenzy just getting underway, the CNN app is a must-have for any political junkie. PC Magazine loved the vast amount of streaming content and social integration, but was frustrated by the app’s slowness and few sporadic bugs.

» Wait — there’s more. ABC, Time Warner, NBC, ESPN, and PBS all have iPad apps that are worth checking out.

For even more, check out Trove’s Television and Mobile Apps channels.


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A harrowing description from CNN’s Fred Pleitgen, reporting from a Libyan city that journalists were previously unable to fully survey.

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