Beer: Oktoberfest, American-Style

If you’re the sort who needs an excuse to don Lederhosen and fill a frosty mug with your favorite libation, then Oktoberfest is your kind of festival. And while the real deal is in Munich, there are plenty of upcoming stateside opportunities to chug from a mug.

As an homage to the main event in Bavaria, San Francisco hosts Oktoberfest by the Bay, St. Louis has its Soulard Oktoberfest, and Denver parties with the Great American Beer Festival.

And don’t feel like you’re getting the raw end of the stein, fellow Americans. According to New York Times writer Eric Asimov, our country has developed a golden (or maybe amber?) touch when it comes to beer brewing.

"American beer culture has progressed far beyond what anybody but the most visionary beer fanatic ever imagined," Asimov writes. "American craft brewers now inspire bastions like England, Germany, and Belgium to re-examine their own traditions and to invent new ones."

We’ll drink to that.

Find out more about brews and the celebrations that honor them on Trove’s Beer and Oktoberfest channels.

Channeling Your Channels: Of Rhymes and Ringtones

One of the great joys of launching Trove last week was watching the early growth of user channels: Channels on the site that are controlled not by our editorial team, but by you. They tend to be the more creative of the batch.

User channels start in two main ways: In one case, users type a topic into our search bar and decide to develop a channel around it. In the other, a user takes an existing editor-created channel and tweaks it to better match their interests. (Go ahead; we don’t mind.)

On Friday, we put out a call on our Facebook page for folks to share their favorite user channels — if you put all that work into creating a channel, why keep it to yourself, right?

Team Trove responded in force. Here, for your adding pleasure, are some of the channels they created using the same tools you have:

» From Sean McBride comes the AT&T / T-Mobile Merger channel — a merger you’d almost forget was happening based on the commercials T-Mobile’s running these days.

» Spiro Roiniotis asks: “Is there a wocket in your pocket? If so, you may want to check out the Dr. Seuss channel.”

» It’s a twofer from Moshe Cohen: A channel for soccer’s El Clásico and another for Poker Commentary. Not sure if he’s got one for betting on soccer games, but it might be worth asking.

» And says Josh Cincinnati: “I’m obligated to recommend the Beer channel. As of today, the most loquacious of all Trove channels.”

Want a channel you created featured here (and on the Trove home page)? Post it on our Facebook wall and we’ll consider it for a future blog post (hopefully soon).

Trove Is Live!

After months of development and weeks of eager anticipation, we’re excited to invite you to try out Trove, a site that allows you to bend the news to your will.

Log in through Facebook Connect at, then check out our streams of customized news organized in channels. You can choose from the thousands our editors have already created (like Libya, Barack Obama, Science, and, mmmm, Beer) — or you can make your own using the search bar at the top of any Trove page.

Get the full Trove welcome by watching our introduction video from Next Media Animation and reading a welcome letter from our big boss, Washington Post Co. Chairman and CEO Don Graham.

And please tell us what you think of Trove! We’re curious to hear your input.

Greg Barber