Sports: Sizing Up the Fall Classic

When you ponder the storied rivalries in professional sports, the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Texas Rangers doesn’t even register. Well, that’s all going to change as the Cardinals take on the Rangers in the 2011 World Series.

Most prognosticators have the Rangers winning their first championship. But ESPN’s Eduardo Perez thinks that the Cardinals’ pitching will clinch the trophy.

While there is a lot being inked about the matchups on the field, what about the cities themselves? Here are some curious facts:

Bowling is big in both towns. In fact, the Bowling Hall of Fame was lured to Arlington after 25 years in St. Louis. Today, the regal hall is just down the street from the Rangers Ballpark.

Arlington is the largest American city without a public transportation system.

St. Louis appears to beat Arlington on the food front - if only by a smidgen. While Arlington can claim right to inventing the frozen margarita machine, St. Louis has brought us not only Budweiser, but also toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, pork steaks, brain sandwich, and, perhaps not coincidentally, Tums.

Want more on the matchup off the field? Check out Trove’s St. Louis and Arlington channels.


Gerald Marzorati, a former editor of the New York Times Magazine, is an Assistant Managing Editor of the Times

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America’s baseball belletrist here writes of how he came to love the game.

“The Silent…

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