Troving Reporter: Not So Weird Science

If you were to add only one Trove channel, it should be the one that more people have added in the last 24 hours than any other: our Science channel. It’s a gold mine of facts about the world around us that’s sure to catch your interest — and, if you’re so inclined, fuel precious minutes of dinner-party conversation.

Among the stories it boasts right now: More Signs of Hidden Ocean on Saturn’s Moon; Hurricane Season Clues: More Storms Head for Land; Mobile Phones Charged With Energy From Your Voice.

If your curiosity isn’t piqued in the first screen of results, then you need to get some more curiosity.

Here’s the rest of the top 10 channel adds from the past 24 hours.
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» Barack Obama
» Indie Music
» Major League Baseball
» Social Media
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» Boxing